A team of professionals providing a superior trading service to Derivative Investors

Our trading model is based on conversancy with a range of modern technologies & and proprietary algorithms. We trade with commitment and dedication, always keeping risk aversion and capital preservation in mind.

Containing a sophisticated ecosystem

Why bliss consultants only trades the nifty 50 index?

  • Exchange-traded funds(Onshore and Offshore)
  • Exchange-traded options
  • Futures and Options abroad at the Singapore Exchange (SGX)
  • The world's most actively traded contract
  • The most liquid contracts in the Indian derivatives markets
  • Manipulation potential minimized with high liquidity
  • Traders can earn when markets move up or down
  • Average Daily Contract Volume of more than 5 million shares

How Will We Do It?

To list Bliss Consultants as a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Company on the National Stock Exchange


By expanding to multiple product offerings.


By leveraging the proprietary BLISS CONSULTANTS “DO-IT-FOR-ME” technology to the fullest extent possible.


By taking full advantage of the NIFTY exchange opportunities to provide risk-averse results that consistently outperform the competition.


By Integrating Blockchain Technology into our trading systems for unsurpassed security and even more impressive trading results.


Bliss Consultants Founder and Principal Trading Partner

Our Thinking

“BLISS CONSULTANTS and DIFM started from a dream. I dreamed that I wanted my company to be the ultimate solution for investors intrigued with derivatives, but frozen from acting by the horror stories that surround them. I dreamed of converting speculation into a technologically sound, risk-averse, professional trading strategy. Through hard work and client-focus, my dream has become a reality.”

Bliss Consultants Message from Founders


Bliss Consultants Director of Operations

Portfolio Growth Speaks Louder Than 1000 Words

We are at the cutting edge of a huge growth trading revelation


Happy Clients





The Core Qualities Of Our Client Engagement Model

Board Flexibility

  • Log into the new BLISS CONSULTANTS App to open viewing & action options
  • Add new money into the “Do-It-For-Me” portfolio (DIFM)
  • Add more money to current balances
  • Keep profits in or withdraw them at any time
  • Make partial or total withdrawals within a maximum 48-hour window

Full Transparency

  • From the minute you engage us, we’re an open book
  • Client receives a range of reports
    • Ledgers
    • Profit and Loss statements
    • Monthly, quarterly and on annual reports accessible.
  • Through the App, 24/7/365 details on every trade

Why We Are Confident We Will Do It

  • We trade in only 1 script - the nifty
  • 2000 + trading days led to our DIFM methodology
  • We adhere to our proprietary proven formula limited monthly trades only
  • Incisive analysis of option chain data

Investing With Us Is As Safe As It Can Get

100% of funds with investor withdrawal requests were processed in 48 business hours, or less, in the last 6 years.

Investor funds lodged in the Bliss Consultant’s Account with a Registered SEBI Share Broker (the Custodian)
At that time the funds are automatically secured under the NSE’s Investor Protection Fund (IPF)
The IPF compensates investors in the event of loss due to a “defaulter” trading member
The Investor signs an Agreement that deals with the terms of Bliss Consultants managing the funds
The Bliss Agreement takes full cognizance of the IPF and respects the highest standards of Investor fund security
Clients are afforded access to the
D-I-F-M App that offers optimal Monitoring and Fund movement capability

Signing up with us is an easy process

Step 1

Make contact with Bliss Consultants for presentation with PowerPoint.

Step 2

Log in to the Bliss App.

Step 3

Update all necessary KYC details as well as upload soft copies of documents supporting same.

Step 4

Post KYC, then go to the Agreement Page. Peruse all information and clauses at client’s convenience.

Step 5

Sign the Agreement and transfer funds to the Bliss Account at the SEBI Registered Share Broker.

Step 6

Client receives payment receipt and contract notes sharing trade details.

Step 7

Client receives Monthly performance reports.

Trading Connections

Bliss Consultants and DIFM

Providing our investors with significant benefits 24/7/365 to achieve a new level of excellence

We make maximum use of the NSE, Nifty50, and SEBI Share Broker resources to create maximum security, unsurpassed transparency, and seamless error-free trading. We strive to uphold our stellar reputation with all these entities as evidence of our continued trading integrity and professionalism. We see it as the only way to guarantee our clients peace of mind and trust in our capabilities. Our industry connections contribute to trades that have the least risk , and the highest ROI combination.

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01-109, 1st Floor, We Work Oberoi Commerz II, International Business Park, Oberoi Garden City, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063